Who Is A Creative?

Do you see yourself as a creative individual? If not, look harder.

Traditionally, our society defines a creative as one involved in the arts arena in some way (theater, visual arts, dance, writing, etc). Our dictionary defines creative as "marked by the ability or power to create."

Read that definition again. Do you have the ability or power to create? Of course you do! Every single person does. Are you starting a business? Are you a part of a committee or group at your church or local organization? Do you enjoy cooking or baking? Like planning small events like a night out for your girls or even bigger events? Congratulations girl, you're a creative.

The truth is, we should all see ourselves as creatives. Whether in a corporate setting or working out of a traditional artist's space, our ability to maneuver the tangible and intangible and bring things to life is inside us all...whether we know it or not.


People keep telling me, "Tiff, I don't know. I mean I'm not an artist, a writer or a singer. I don't think I can really relate." No. Nah. Nope. Think about ways in which you create throughout your day. Think about the skill it task to usher your children to school while you do your thing outside of the home at your company or non-profit you work for. Then, come home and manage your household. Think about the talent you use to multitask, complete tasks or meet your weekly goals. Think about coordinating car pools, field trips, meeting agendas, co-parenting, manage a project, make time for your partner...whatever. Those all require creative energy and abilities.

I originally created this space for mothers who were active or want to become active in traditionally creative spaces. I soon came to realize that like our culture's definition of motherhood, I was putting a box on my definition of creative. Even the idea of putting a box on creative persons defies the very definition of the word!

My point is, this is the space for you; it is for everyone. To hone in on your creativity. To recognize it in all areas of your life. To embrace and not neglect it. To exercise its benefits and expand its reach.

Who is a creative? You're looking at her. Give her some love!